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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is QueryString? What are the advantages and disadvantages of QueryString?

QueryString is a property of Request object in ASP.Net that provides a mechanism to send information to the server in the form of Sting in the URL.


In the above example, the destination webform name is Webform1.aspx and the information passed in QueryString is fname=Alok&lname=Ranjan. fname is a variable whose value is Alok, and similarly lname variable has value as Ranjan.

Advantages of QueryString:

  • It's very easy to implement
  • Every browser works with QueryString.
  • It doesn't require server resources. Hence, doesn't put any burden on Server.

Disadvantages of QueryString:

  • There is a limitation in the length of the QueryString as URL length has a limit. If you have to send lot of information, QueryString approach doesn't work.
  • The information passed through QueryString is publicly visible. Hence, it poses security issue. So, QueryString can't be used while sending sensitive info. 
  • QueryString can not be used to send & and space characters.

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