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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dotnet Framework Interview Questions

This section contains Dotnet Framework Interview Questions that I faced in my interviews at the time of job change. Please post your comments here. Also, post your questions to get an answer.

1. What is an assembly in .Net? What is manifest?

2. What is GAC?

3. If you have two versions of the same assembly in GAC and you want to use the older version, how to achieve this?

4. What is side-by-side execution?

5. What is Reflection?

6. What is a satellite assembly?
Hint: Localization

Many more to come ....


  1. Interview questions are always very beneficial. Thanks for providing the good stuff.

  2. Assembly: it is group of files like dll, html etc. it contain the group of resources, types of defination and its implementation. one assembly also keep reference of other assembly and its resources, types and implementation is saved in block of unit known as 'manifest'. manifest makes assembly self-describing.

    To maintain version of assemblies simply use strong key name.

  3. What is the answer of above questions

  4. may i know which book is good for


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