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Friday, May 15, 2009

3. TextAndSpeech Project

Text And Speech application is a small learning project in C# Dotnet. It will help to manipulate strings such as Case Conversion, i.e. converting a string from Lower Case to Upper Case and vice versa. Also, you can convert a string to either Title Case or Sentence Case. This application also will Read an input string for you.

Text And Speech Application has five basic functionalities:

1. Convert a string to Lower Case
2. Convert a string to Upper Case
3. Convert a string to Title Case
4. Convert a string to Sentence Case
5. Read a string

Technical features of this project:

1. It is developed using C# Dotnet
2. Extensive string manipulation demonstrated
3. A bit of exception handling shown
4. Input validation checking shown
5. Use of an external dll file shown
6. Speech related methods used to produce sound
7. Proper inline comments and coding standards followed

You can find more details about the project at the following link. Also, you can download the C# Dotnet source code from the same link. Have a look at it and post your comments.

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