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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dotnet Interview Questions for 1 year experience

Here are few basic dotnet interview questions asked in interview for a 1 year experience candidate.

About your project:

Get maximum knowledge about your current project. You should know the architecture diagram of your project. Also, you have to explain the Dataflow. You might be asked to tell what all dotnet new features used in your project.

Then follows technical discussion.

Dotnet Framework Interview Questions for 1 Year Experience:

1. What is CLR and it's functions?
2. How memory is managed in Dotnet applications?
Hint: Automatically by Garbage collector
3. What is an assembly?
4. What is a strong name?
5. What is MSIL?

C# Interview Questions for 1 Year Experience:

1. What are the 4 pillars of Object Oriented Programming?
2. What is a Class? What is an Object?
3. What is a partial class?
4. What is a sealed class?
5. What is constructor?
6. What is stringbuilder?

ADO.Net Interview Questions for 1 Year Experience:

1. What is connection string?
2. What is Datareader?
3. Difference between Dataset and datareader?
4. What is Ado.Net?
5. Namespace for using sqlserver database?

ASP.Net Interview Questions for 1 Year Experience:

1. What is web.config file and it's use?
2. What is global.asax?
3. What is session?
4. Which all controls you have used in your project?
5. What is gridview?
6. What is Authentication in ASP.Net and types of authentication?

SQL Server Interview Questions for 1 Year Experience:

1. What is Primary key, unique key and difference between them?
2. What is index? Types of index?
3. What is a stored procedure? Why it is better than inline query?
Hint: Stored Procedure is precompiles and has a execution plan. Hence faster execution.
4. You might be asked to write simple query
5. What is inner join

Also, if you know any advance concepts like WCF, WPF, LINQ, MVC, JQuerymention while telling "about yourself". You will be given preference. But, make sure you know the basics or worked on them for sometime.

Post questions you faced in interview in comments. Also post answers in comments to questions mentioned above.


  1. hi banshi,
    can u post the interview questions asked for 2 year experienced guys?

  2. Hi banshi,

    can u suggest me how do the preparing for interview.i have some fair for programming.and most of the company writtening programs while interview can u suggest me how to do for this.
    please reaply soon

  3. is this enough for 1 year experienced guys


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